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Variety of Support Creates Abundant Life

Marina loves adventures, especially in the great outdoors. She takes daily walks along the river or in parks in her hometown of Chilliwack and likes to hit the gym at least three times a week. She is very friendly, greeting people along her walks, meeting friends for picnics or to play rousing games of Yahtzee.  At first glance, it may seem surprising that being so active is an important part of Marina’s life but despite what some might call limitations, Marina lives an abundant life. What makes that possible, is the support she receives from the dedicated staff and contracted caregivers at Communitas Supportive Care Society.

Marina loves being outdoors and enjoys walks along the river

Ten years ago, the Speers family became Marina’s Home Share providers. Kim Speers, says having Marina in their lives has been a wonderful experience because of the person she is.

“Marina is an amazing young lady with a great sense of humour,” Kim says. “She has the ability to light up a room the minute she enters it.”

Marina with the Speers family: parents Kim and Todd, and siblings Preston and Kamryn

Being part of a Home Share gives Marina consistent support in a family context. She is a loved and valued member of the Speers family and the family is enriched by the experience of having Marina in their lives.

Marina enjoys being part of the family

Getting out and being part of community is important to Marina and Communitas’ Community Inclusion (CI) services helps make that possible. Wendy Toohey manages CI services for Communitas in the Fraser Valley. She likes the way CI complements Home Share services.

“CI helps someone like Marina get out in community and find those needed connections. This allows her Home Share provider to be more focused on Marina’s daily needs as they incorporate her into the family,” Wendy says. “Like most of us, Marina likes to try new things and meet new people and CI helps her find connections outside of her Home Share.”

Even the rain doesn’t stop Marina from getting outside

Karen Hough is a CI worker and loves spending time with Marina.

“Marina has the kindest of hearts and is always ready to make others feel special and welcome,” Karen says.

Along with outdoor adventures and trips to the gym, Marina loves music and especially loves to sing along with hymns. She is also a crafter and has made beautiful things for friends and family throughout the pandemic.

Marina is a joy to serve and makes every day of CI an absolute blessing.  – Karen, CI worker

Kim says that being part of CI is wonderful for Marina and appreciates the many ways that the staff plan fun adventures and come up with new activities in which Marina can take part.

“Marina really looks forward to spending time with the ladies that support her,” she says.

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