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Thankful for a Safe Place to Grow

Vicky is grateful for her experience at Communitas and the way it helps support and shape her desire to serve others.


Coming Back to Self

Ryan says that WRAP – a mental wellness tool – helped him come back to the person that he once was.


Moving from Despair to Hope

Adria is living a good life, far different from where she was just a few years ago when mental illness took its toll. Find out what’s made the difference!


Communitas Receives Bell Let’s Talk Grant

Thanks to a grant from Bell Let’s Talk, Communitas is pleased to offer two mental health supports to people in the Fraser Valley.


Fulfilling a Desire to Serve

Heather is a person who has a deep desire to serve; it’s what makes working at Communitas such a fulfilling place to be!


Living the Island Life

Seann lives on Vancouver Island and enjoys riding the ferry to Quadra Island. On a recent trip, something special happened that made Seann’s trip even more fun!


New Things Every Day

After a decade of working with Communitas, Laureen still finds that the unique individuals she supports makes her work engaging.


Family Holiday a Blessing

Clyde’s recent trip to Disneyland was an opportunity for him to travel to one of his favourite places with his family. It was a blessing!

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