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Just Me

Poet Michael Linburg achieved a career goal this summer when he published a collection of poetry titled The Healing Power of Words.


Creative Inclusion on a Special Day

It was a cool, drizzly day for a July wedding but neither the weather nor the current pandemic could stop the celebrations from happening for Scott and Veronica Van Vliet.…


Generosity Lived

Despite their personal challenges, James and Audrey are responding to those who are in need, even in the midst of the pandemic.


Words Matter

At Communitas, how we speak informs how we work. In this conversation with CEO Karyn Santiago, we explore the power of language.


Pandemic Produces New Perspective

Isolation taught Alex Singleton that he was more resilient than he ever realized and that community makes all the difference.


Pandemic Impacts Partners in Ukraine

Our colleagues at the Florence Centre have been impacted by the global pandemic but have risen to the challenge with creativity and determination!


Zoombaya Creates Virtual Connection

“Zoombaya” was born out of a need to find a solution to a challenge. It has become a truly creative solution, helping our staff continue to serve people in a…


Making Masks Meets a Need

One of our staff teams on Vancouver Island worked together to create beautiful, practical masks. It was a project that both protected and encouraged everyone involved.

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