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Communitas “Moves” Across Canada (and back)!

Communitas “Moves” Across Canada (and back) in 8 weeks! This virtual event raises funds for mental health initiatives, find out how you can help!


Penpal Project Proves Popular

A penpal project at Communitas has revealed how meaningful it is to get a hand-written letter in the mail.


Generosity As A Lifestyle

For Betty, generosity is a way of life that benefits others but also benefits her, helping her to maintain her mental health.


Leadership Team Supports Mental Health

Students at Yale Secondary demonstrated leadership and compassion when they delivered self-care baskets for people supported through Communitas


Wellness Plan Fills Home With New Life

Putting a simple Wellness Plan into action has made an enormous difference to the mental, physical, and spiritual being of the people sharing this home. Check it out!


Just Breathe

Inhale. Exhale, Breathe. Sometimes we forget that our breath is a tool to help us maintain our mental health. Follow along with the video at the end!


Just Notice

Sight. Sound. Touch, Smell. Taste. Our senses are tools we can use to restore our mental health. It’s as simple as just noticing.


Guided By God

Peggy has felt God’s leading through a long and diverse career that has spanned two countries, several states, one province and brought her to Communitas!


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