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We All Belong Here

Our communities grow when everyone has opportunities to make a meaningful contribution.

Who We Are

We are a faith-based, registered charity that supports people of all abilities in a variety of person-centered ways. These supports include home living, community support, employment, respite, and social enterprises in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and Vancouver Island. All these services have common goals: instilling a sense of belonging, facilitating personal growth, and enabling people to make positive contributions to their community.

The people we serve may live with developmental disabilities, may have an acquired brain injury, or live with mental health challenges.  No matter what their story is, they all deserve a place of belonging. From this connected and supported place, they can direct their own growth and make the contributions they aspire to make. 

Everyone deserves a place to belong.

50 Anniversary Commun itas

Celebrating 50 Years!

This year, Communitas is celebrating its 50th anniversary! We’re so grateful to be able to celebrate our story, our community, and also look ahead to our future. We’ve got things planned for the whole year ahead – check it out! 


Care For The Whole Family

Care For The Whole Family

Communitas began when parents asked this question: “Who will look after my children?” Nearly every service Communitas provides is, in some way, a response. That holds true for our Contracted Caregiving Services, offering Home Share and respite. Find out how these services have grown and changed over the years!

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Everyone deserves a place to belong.


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