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We believe that everyone needs a place where someone says “Welcome here, welcome home.”

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Open Your Home

Open Your Home

A contracted caregiver arrangement gives you an opportunity to enrich your life by welcoming someone with a disability into your home and family. Throughout the relationship, Communitas is there to support both caregivers and the person receiving support, ensuring a good match of personalities and a safe living environment.

Home Share

In a Home Share arrangement, the caregiver provides long-term support for the person with a disability, including food, lodging, and recreation, depending on needs. We provide this service in the Fraser Valley and on North Vancouver Island.

Adult Respite

In an Adult Respite arrangement, the caregiver provides temporary support to an adult living with disabilities. Respite care benefits all members of a caregiving family by allowing them to broaden their social networks and develop meaningful relationships. The caregiver receives a stipend for the support they provide. Adult Respite is available in the Fraser Valley.

Children’s Respite

In a Children’s Respite arrangement, the caregiver provides temporary support to a child or youth living with a disability while the primary caregiver has an opportunity to rest. The caregiver receives a stipend for the support they provide. Children’s Respite is available in the Fraser Valley.


Victor and Washington

Washington enjoys listening to music, going for walks and playing games. He’s studying to be a nurse and enjoys being with people. He lives in a suite with an extra bedroom. Victor also enjoys music and going for walks and while he enjoys being with people he also needs his own space. Because he lives with autism, Victor needs help with day to day tasks. After meeting each other and seeing that they had some things in common, Victor moved in with Washington. Now they share meals, play games and go for walks with each other. They have become good friends.


While we’re always looking for caregivers for a variety of arrangements, sometimes we’re looking for a specific person to fit a specific situation. Maybe it’s you! Check out some of the specific postings we are looking for, then get started.

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Respite Providers Needed for Child and Youth Respite Services

Respite providers who have experience are needed to work with children who are on the Autism-spectrum and who live with complex behaviours. One child is non-verbal and needs support with personal care. Families are looking for hourly respite, which may need overnight respite in the future.

Location: Abbotsford

Young Man looking for Home Share in Abbotsford or Chilliwack

A Home Share Provider is needed for a man in his late 20's. This individual enjoys going out with his day support worker, watching movies, listening to music and playing on his iPad. Experience supporting individuals with Autism and/or Fragile X Syndrome is necessary. Experience working with Positive Behavioural Supports and Mandt training is an asset. The Home Share Provider will work collaboratively with the family, who are supportive and involved. This individual is part of a Christian family and they hope to find a Home Share provider who respects their values.

Location: Abbotsford

Homeshare Provider needed for Young man.

We are looking for a homeshare provider for a young man in Chilliwack. He is a very friendly man who likes to interact with others. His family is very involved in his life and he enjoys spending time with them. A caregiver experienced in supporting someone with mental illness and drug addiction recovery is preferred.

Location: Chilliwack

Female Caregiver needed in Abbotsford.

Female Caregiver needed to provide hourly respite to a lady in her forties who has a visual impairment, non verbal and who communicates with signs she has learned. This individual sometimes prefers respite in the familiarity of her home, sometimes she will choose to go out in the community or choose to go to a home base provided by Communitas.

Location: Abbotsford

HomeShare Provider needed in Mission.

We are looking for a home share provider for a young woman in Mission. This woman likes to socialize, be active and engage in her community. She currently attends a day program at least two days per week. She is interested in football and enjoys watching reality shows. She is able to communicate verbally and prefers a vegetarian diet. Experience in supporting someone with mental health issues would be an asset.

Location: Mission

Homeshare Provider needed in Abbotsford.

We are looking for a couple or a single woman to be a Homeshare Provider for a woman living with a developmental disability. We are looking for a Christian home in Abbotsford where positive values are modeled. Church has played a large role in this individuals life so it is important to her and her family that this continues. She participates in a local day program. She is energetic, loves to socialize and stay busy.

Location: Abbotsford

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Communitas works hard to ensure a good fit between caregivers and people being supported. During the application process, we want to get to know you to help find the best situation for everyone. Fill in the contact information below and we’ll be in touch to answer any questions and to explore possibilities together.

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