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We believe that everyone needs a place where someone says “Welcome here, welcome home.”

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Open Your Home

Open Your Home

A contracted caregiver arrangement gives you an opportunity to enrich your life by welcoming someone with a disability into your home and family. Throughout the relationship, Communitas is there to support both caregivers and the person receiving support, ensuring a good match of personalities and a safe living environment.

Home Share

In a Home Share arrangement, the caregiver provides long-term support for the person with a disability, including food, lodging, and recreation, depending on needs. We provide this service in the Fraser Valley and on North Vancouver Island.

Adult Respite

In an Adult Respite arrangement, the caregiver provides temporary support to an adult living with disabilities. Respite care benefits all members of a caregiving family by allowing them to broaden their social networks and develop meaningful relationships. The caregiver receives a stipend for the support they provide. Adult Respite is available in the Fraser Valley.

Children’s Respite

In a Children’s Respite arrangement, the caregiver provides temporary support to a child or youth living with a disability while the primary caregiver has an opportunity to rest. The caregiver receives a stipend for the support they provide. Children’s Respite is available in Abbotsford and by referral from the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Betty and Grace

Betty and Grace have shared a home for several years. Betty is healthy and happy, living an abundant life. She enjoys going for walks and loves Grace’s cooking – especially the Kenyan dishes that she prepares. Creative pursuits keep her busy. Betty’s mother taught her how to embroider and she makes her own greeting cards. The two friends share a deep faith in God and are involved in their church communities. Grace says sharing your life with another is a commitment worth considering. Communitas provides excellent support and fellow Home Share Providers are a supportive community.


While we’re always looking for caregivers for a variety of arrangements, sometimes we’re looking for a specific person to fit a specific situation. Maybe it’s you! Check out some of the specific postings we are looking for, then get started.

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Homeshare Needed for Young Adult Woman

A Homeshare provider is needed for a young adult woman. Home must be wheelchair-accessible and her provider have experience with providing personal care. She does have both indoor and outdoor lifts available to help with transfers, as well as a wheelchair van. This young woman is very pleasant and has a Community Inclusion Worker who supports her in the community 30 hours each week.

Location: Chilliwack

Seeking Respite Providers

Respite care gives people who have developmental disabilities an opportunity to participate in a wide range of experiences that promote growth and development.

Communitas is seeking skilled contracted care providers who are passionate in providing care for adults with disabilities. The hours will vary depending on the needs of the individual and their family. Experience is preferred.

Location: Fraser Valley

Respite Providers Needed for Child and Youth Respite Services

At Communitas, respite care is designed to serve both our children and their parents, allowing for the child to create new meaningful connections and experiences, while allowing the parents time for rest.

Communitas is in need of skilled contracted care providers in Abbotsford, with experience in working with children who are on the Autism Spectrum or who have a developmental disability. Hours range and are dependent on the needs of the child and family. Families typically are looking for hourly respite, but there is the opportunity for overnights as well.

Respite is a great opportunity for those looking for a flexible work schedule, and those looking to supplement a family’s support network. Experience is preferred.

Location: Abbotsford


Communitas works hard to ensure a good fit between caregivers and people being supported. During the application process, we want to get to know you to help find the best situation for everyone. Fill in the contact information below and we’ll be in touch to answer any questions and to explore possibilities together.

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