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Home Share

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Community-based living situation in a family setting. Support is provided by a contracted caregiver from the community.

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Fraser Valley Fraser Valley
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Developmental Disabilities

Home Share is a community-based living arrangement in a family setting. Support is provided by a contracted caregiver.

At Communitas, we believe that everyone needs a place where someone says “Welcome here, welcome home.” A Home Share arrangement gives people in the community an opportunity to enrich their lives by welcoming someone with a disability into their home and family. It also gives a person with a disability the opportunity to live in the setting of their choice with the support that they need. We work closely with family members to ensure that each person receives appropriate support to ensure their safety, health and participation within the life of the community.

Seeing Betty and Grace sit together, chatting and laughing, it is easy to see that they are good friends.

“We are like sisters,” Grace says. Betty agrees. “We have a lot of fun together,” she says.

Betty and Grace have shared a home for several years. It was difficult at first because Betty had been through a lot and was quite frail. But with time and patience, things changed. Today, Betty is doing very well. She is healthy and happy, laughing easily, living an abundant life. She enjoys going for walks with Grace and really loves Grace’s cooking – especially the Kenyan dishes that she prepares. She keeps busy with creative pursuits like embroidery and card-making. The two share a deep faith in God and they are grateful for each other.

For others who might be thinking about becoming a Home Share Provider, Grace says it is a commitment worth considering. Knowing that Communitas provides support and that there are other Home Share Providers to talk to is helpful.

“You have to be willing to be flexible,” she says. “I would encourage anyone to consider sharing their life with another.”

Be inspired by their full story, then consider Home Share today!

Access to the Communitas Home Share program is by referral from Community Living British Columbia (CLBC). Contact us for more information!

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