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Home Share

Quick Facts

Community-based living situation in a family setting. Support is provided by a contracted caregiver from the community.

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Residential Options


Fraser Valley Fraser Valley
Vancouver Island Vancouver Island

Areas of Service

Developmental Disabilities

Home Share is a community-based living arrangement in a family setting. Support is provided by a contracted caregiver.

At Communitas, we believe that everyone needs a place where someone says “Welcome here, welcome home.” A Home Share arrangement gives people in the community an opportunity to enrich their lives by welcoming someone with a disability into their home and family. It also gives a person with a disability the opportunity to live in the setting of their choice with the support that they need. We work closely with family members to ensure that each person receives appropriate support to ensure their safety, health and participation within the life of the community.

Washington and Victor have been roommates for more than two years. This arrangement gives Victor some independence and it gives his family peace of mind knowing that he is well cared for.  Washington enjoys his life with Victor and says the opportunity to share his home with him has enriched his life.

“He has really taught me patience,” Washington says. “Sometimes it can be difficult to do something and not expect anything in return but Victor has opened my eyes to the rewards of simply caring for someone else.”

While Washington is in school, Victor goes to his day program where he takes part in various activities like bowling or swimming. They’ll have supper together and sometimes they’ll go for a walk in the park or enjoy another activity. The day might end by listening to the classical music Victor enjoys before getting ready for bed. Washington encourages others to consider a Home Share experience.

“It can be very rewarding and you meet so many different people who are part of a really loving community.”

Access to the Communitas Home Share program is by referral from Community Living British Columbia (CLBC). Contact us for more information!

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