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A Journey of Faith and Joy

Sharon Adams’ journey to Communitas is one marked by faith and joy. Faith brought her to her work, joy keeps her here. As the office coordinator, Sharon’s desk office space is right in the thick of things, which is one of the attractions of the job. From here, she greets the people who are served by the organization as they come to meet with staff and she gets a front row seat to their interactions.

“Oh, the laughter! I’ve never heard such deep belly laughter as that which I hear while sitting at my desk,” she says. “It’s that celebratory laughter that jumpstarts the joy in my heart each time I hear it.”

The reception team are often the first face and voice you meet at Communitas. Sharon is seen here with Sarah, one of her staff team

Sharon has been with Communitas for seven years now. She and her family relocated to Abbotsford from Vancouver Island to move in with and help care for her husband’s aging parents. This was something she willingly did, even though the care became quite intense. Sharon decided that she needed a part-time job to get her out of the home for periods of time, to help with the finances of the home, as well as protect her own mental health. She is also a woman of deep faith, so her job search began with a conversation with God.

I told God my desires: I wanted work that was close to home, very part-time, at a Christian organization where I could contribute with the gifts I have, and since it was probably my last job, I wanted one that was meaningful and enjoyable – Sharon, office coordinator

When she shared this with her adult children, they told her it sounded more like a hobby than a reasonable expectation for work. But God listened as only God does – in ways both expected and unexpected.

Sharon’s work experience is an eclectic mix of service and entrepreneurship. She taught at a small Bible college for several years after returning from a two-year mission term in South Korea. When they moved to Vancouver Island, she and her husband owned and operated a restaurant franchise for two decades. So, when her husband saw a posting with Communitas for a temporary, part-time receptionist/archivist, Sharon was confident that the skills she had developed throughout her working life – and her common sense – would fit the bill. After reading Communitas’ mission, vision and values, she knew that this was exactly the type of work she wanted to do. She was offered and accepted the job, which turned into a permanent position. For Sharon, it was an answer to prayer.

“I’m grateful to a God who knows the deepest desires of our heart – even when it seems too specific or perfect to attain,” she says. “I’m also grateful to Communitas for its willingness to give an older adult who was not specifically trained for the work a chance to become part of this organization.”

Sharon is grateful that Communitas gave her a chance to use her diverse set of skills in her role as office coordinator

Sharon is now the office coordinator and she loves her both her job and Communitas. She appreciates the organization’s commitment to person-centred care and the way it lives out its faith-based values.

“Communitas not only sees God’s image imprinted on each individual but supports and strengthens their ability to find meaningful relationships and experiences in community,” she says.

She truly values the interactions she is able to have with the people who come through the office and to see their interactions with staff. She loves the family atmosphere and the good-natured banter that reminds her not to take life too seriously. The variety in her day-to-day work makes each day interesting and satisfies her desire to serve others.

“Assisting people who have bigger and more demanding work to do is something I take great joy in,” she says. “It is great to be a part of something bigger than my own concerns and feel like I have something unique to contribute by just being here and wanting to serve.”

Abigail is the newest member of the reception team, seen here with Sharon

She is grateful for a supportive work environment and colleagues who encourage her to grow.  As she reflects on her journey thus far, she is moved by how God answered her prayer all those years ago.

“Coming to work here is a constant reminder of how much I am loved by a God who listened to the desires of my heart and knew exactly where I could work meaningfully and experience abundant life.”

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