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Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

We envision communities of fully human, interdependent citizens.

Our Mission

Inspired by Jesus Christ, Communitas will be a place of belonging, growth and contribution.

Our Values

Reflecting our belief that all human life is created in the image of God, our values at Communitas are:

Spirituality – We embrace God-given creativity, love, and compassion dwelling within all, providing a foundation for personal wholeness.

Sacredness of Life–We hold life as precious and fragile, requiring nurture.

Stewardship–We are accountable and responsible for shared resources.

Excellence–We seek excellence and integrity through continuous learning and improvement.

Relationships–We commit to building relationships in the spirit of gentleness and respect.

Community–We believe that belonging, home, and loving ‘family’ relationships are at the heart of community.

Dignity–We believe that all persons have intrinsic dignity and worth and we recognize the unique gifts and capabilities of each.

Culture & Ethnicity–We recognize that culture and ethnicity are intrinsic parts of being human and contribute towards personal wholeness.