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A Very Special Cat

John sits in the living room he shares with his housemates, enjoying the sunshine streaming in through the windows. He’s got a big smile on his face because he’s got a very special friend with him today: Boots, the house cat.

John With Boots
John enjoys spending time with Boots

Boots doesn’t pick favourites, she likes all the people who live in this home, which is facilitated by Communitas Supportive Care Society. That may be because Boots found a home when her own home living option suddenly changed.

“Boots lived a few doors down from our home but always came to visit our yard,” says Ivie, one of the support workers in the home. “One day, she didn’t go home, she just stayed in our yard.”

Boots 2
Boots has found a home that she loves

Staff aren’t sure exactly what happened to Boots’ owner but the home sold and no one came looking for the cat. “Missing Cat” posters were put up in the neighbourhood and still no one came to claim Boots, so they simply invited her in. Boots seemed pleased with the arrangement and stayed. She’s been part of the home for 10 years now.

Abigail is the manager of the home. She says Boots is an integral part of the family. She rarely goes into any of the private bedrooms of the people living in the home, respecting their privacy and preferring to interact when they are together in common spaces. She also has a specific chair in the dining room that she likes to curl up in.

“I can’t imagine life without her,” Abigail says. “All the people we serve love her and take care of her the best that they can.’

But staff also talk about Boots as being “a special cat” referring to some of her unusual characteristics.

“She snores,” Ivie says. “She snores really loud and it sounds quite human when she does.”

Boots The House Cat
There are no shortage of laps to sit on or opportunities for petting

Boots is also developing a reputation for having an uncanny sense of what is happening around her. Like the Easter morning that Boots brought in a present for everyone in the house.

“She brought us a live bunny that she had caught,” Ivie remembers. “At Easter! We couldn’t believe it.”

Joanne also tells a poignant story that left all of the staff quite moved. Herman lived in the home for several years and was quite fond of Boots. Usually, when Herman was in his bedroom, he would prefer to have his door closed. But when he became ill, Herman asked for his door to remain open and for the lights to stay on. Boots, who never ventured into the bedrooms, went into Herman’s room and sat with him.

Boots 7
Boots seems to intuitively know who needs her

“Boots would sit and stare at Herman, she’d go under his bed, or on his bed, just being near Herman all the time,” Joanne says. “It was like she didn’t want Herman to be alone.”

Herman passed away shortly after this, making the staff wonder if Boots somehow knew that Herman was nearing the end of his life and needed the comfort of her company.

Back in the living room, Boots isn’t fussed about any of the attention focused on her. She’s quite happy to sit on John’s lap, purring contentedly. Whether Boots thinks of this as her role in the home or is simply looking for affection, it doesn’t really matter; everyone agrees: Boots is, indeed, a very special cat.

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