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Sharing Home An Enriching Experience

Lucian and his wife Andreea have chosen to be Home Share providers because it gives them a unique opportunity to serve. It has also enriched their lives.

“For us, it is an opportunity to give back, to contribute, and help our community,” Lucian says.

Lucian, Ron, Mike, Andreea, and Lucian’s mother enjoy a family meal together

Home Share providers are contracted caregivers who provide long-term support for a person living with a disability. This support includes shared home, food, and recreation, depending on a person’s needs. Throughout the relationship, Communitas supports both the caregiver and the person receiving support, ensuring a good match and a safe living environment.

Lucian and Andreea welcomed Ron into their home nearly four years ago and more recently Mike joined their family as well. Lucian says that expanding their household has been a good experience. He appreciates the different ways that Ron and Mike enrich their lives.

Lucian with Ron and Mike

“Ron and Mike are different in may ways but they share a positive attitude, a sense of gratefulness, and they are both tender-hearted,” Lucian says. “It is these connections that make their differences take second place.”

Ron enjoys wood-working in their workshop. He also enjoys visiting with friends and loves animals.

Ron has a soft spot in his heart for animals

Mike also enjoys being part of this Home Share. He loves watching Scooby Doo, baking cookies with Andreea, and going on outings.

“It is fun to live here,” Mike says.

Mike loves baking cookies with Andreea

For their part, Lucian says that he and Andreea have received so much from the people they serve, something they’ve really noticed during the challenges of pandemic life.

“During these emotional times, Ron and Mike have given us so much,” Lucian says. “Their positive attitude, laughter, joy, humour, and simple approach to changes gives me the energy boost that I need on a day to day basis.”


Consider opening your home and enriching your life – explore Home Share today!

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