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Picture Perfect!

Michael and Carla are siblings who receive Home Share through Communitas.  Both have a keen eye and interest in photography, which they have developed over the years by watching You Tube videos and experimenting with their cameras.

this beautiful landscape by Michael is available on Dreamstime

Michael’s interest started in high school and has developed into a passion he would like to turn into a career. Michael works with 2 different cameras.  His primary camera is a Digital Canon 6D. Michael started out by taking a variety of different pictures but he is finding his preference is for landscapes.  Michael enjoys photography as he likes to ‘capture moments’.

Michael has a good eye for details

He uploads pictures onto a website called Dreamstime where you can purchase them!  Michael recently purchased a film camera and he is excited to learn how to use and experiment with it. His hope is that it will also make him a better photographer with his digital.

Carla’s interest in photography also started in high school but was developed more when Michael really wanted a partner to take pictures with.

Carla’s love for animals comes through in her photography

Carla’s camera is a Digital Nikon D8 10.  She loves animals and dogs in particular. After taking a course called Bridge Canine that was offered through a community service program years ago, she started to take more pictures of dogs along with other animals.

You can connect with Carla about her photos through her Facebook Page

Carla will spend several weekends a month attending dog shows with a friend taking pictures for her and others.  In addition, Carla also enjoys taking pictures of different nature species. She shows off her work on her Facebook Page.

Carla and Michael are looking forward to sharing their photographs with you.

You can often find Michael and Carla out in community, whether it is close to home going for a walk, or out on the Discovery Trail or Fish Trap Creek honing their photography skills!

Home Share is community-based living opportunity in a family setting.

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