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What is Communitas Enterprises?

Communitas Enterprises offers permanent employment and short-term skills training for people with diverse abilities through four of its social enterprises:

Little Sprout Café – with a focus on fresh, local ingredients, Little Sprout Café offers great food prepared onsite, in Abbotsford, using microgreens grown right in the cafe. Training focuses on developing skills in the accommodation and food services industry.

CommCrew – offers landscaping and property maintenance services in Abbotsford. Training focuses on developing skills in the landscaping services industry.

Janitorial – offers regular and periodic cleaning services to commercial clients in Abbotsford. Training focuses on developing skills in the janitorial services industry.

Vehicle Maintenance – offers basic detailing and maintenance services. Training focuses on developing skills in the automotive repair and maintenance industry.

Who is Communitas Enterprises for?

Communitas Enterprises are for adults living with developmental disabilities, mental health challenges, or acquired brain injury and who are looking for training that will result in meaningful employment in accommodation and food services, landscaping services, janitorial services, and automotive repair and maintenance services.

Darlene's Story

Darlene says happy food makes for happy people and it’s why she loves working at Little Sprout Café.

Read Darlene's Story

How to Join

Access to short-term skills training is currently reserved for people actively served in Communitas services. For information on how to get involved in employment services, see the Employment Services on our Services page. To apply to work at one of our enterprises, please visit our Careers page.


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