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Leadership Board

Leadership & Board

At Communitas, our leadership is fully committed to the Mission, Vision, and Values of the organization. We believe in abundant life for all abilities and use our gifts to the best we can to ensure that the people we serve are able to live life fully. Meet our board and leadership teams and find out what abundant life means to them!

Board of Directors

Kathy Doerksen

Kathy Doerksen

Board Chair

Retired, Team Leader with the BC Association of Community Response Networks

Abundant life means integrating family, friends, faith, fun and work to create a life that is rich and joyful.

John Wiebe

John Wiebe

Vice Chair


Abundant life means living in the grace and love of God, committed to His purpose, surrounded by family, friends, and community.

Zach De Boer

Zach De Boer


CPA Accountant

Abundant life is living in community together, intentionally for God’s purpose, showing love to others as He has loved us.

Board Gfalk

Gary Falk

Past Board Chair

Retired, Director of Risk Management for BC Ministry of Agriculture in Kelowna

Abundant life is life with meaning – contributing to make the world a better place by treating all people with the dignity they deserve.

Board Cneufeld

Clare Neufeld

Volunteer at Oceanside Emergency Social Services, former pilot, trucker, carpenter, board member and pastor

Abundant life means being free to live in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and self-control.

Alan Cavin 2019 For Web

Alan Cavin

Retired from Communitas, tutor at Literacy Nanaimo and spokesperson for Chalice Canada

Abundant life is the joy and peace that Jesus Christ brings into our lives as his friends and children of the Father.

Joyce Verwoerd For Board On Web 1200x1197

Joyce Verwoerd

Registered Nurse

Abundant life is loving God, myself and others with the gifts and abilities God has given us.

Peter Tyne Web

Peter Tyne

Retired technical manager and product improvement manager in the forest products industry

Abundant life means having the freedom to choose what I do every day.

Jeremy Lind Web

Jeremy Lind

Web designer

Abundant life means being connected to myself and others.

Jonathan Goertz

Jonathan Goertz

Retired from Communitas with a desire to remain engaged in serving and encouraging

Abundant Life is living as Christ would have me live, with joy and a sense of fulfillment in my close relationships with family, friends and people in community.

Leadership Team


Karyn Santiago

Chief Executive Officer

Abundant life means having opportunities to dream together, love one another, enjoy life and give back along the way.

Jacqui Toews Web

Jacqui Toews

Chief Program Officer

Abundant life is, living in and sharing God’s abundance.  Feeling valued, heard and able to contribute.

Sharon Mkisi

Sharon Mkisi

Chief Human Resources Officer

Abundant life is experiencing and sharing God’s love and compassion while having the opportunities to learn, grow, and enjoy the goodness in life…feeling part of a community and being able to contribute to the world in meaningful ways.

Wilf Edit

Wilfred Wong

Chief Financial Officer

Abundant Life means loving God, loving people, pursuing and fulfilling God’s calling in our lives.

Matt Edit Web Small

Matt Dirks

Chief Innovation Officer

Abundant life means…knowing you are worthy of love, experiencing hope and trust with the people important to you, and discovering joy in finding and living out your purpose.

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