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Making Things Crystal Clean

Crystal is a friendly, outgoing person, who likes to have things neat and tidy. These are characteristics that make her really good at both her jobs. Crystal works in Custodial Services with the Abbotsford School District and also with Everclean, the company overseeing custodial services at Sevenoaks Shopping Centre. She enjoys both her jobs, especially housekeeping at the mall.

One of Crystals jobs is in the custodial department with the Abbotsford School District

“I like the variety of tasks and I really enjoy working alongside my coworkers,” Crystal says.

The tasks in both places are similar. When she’s working at the school, she’s vacuuming, wet/dry mopping, cleaning tables, cleaning up trash, emptying garbage bags and more. At the mall, she splits her time between housekeeping and the Food Court, doing a variety of cleaning tasks.

Crystal receives support from Communitas Supportive Care Society through the Community Living Program (CLP) Life Skills and CLP Employment. Toby Stahl is an employment specialist with Communitas. He says Crystal brings a positive attitude to work with her every day.

Crystal and Toby share a smile at the Food Court in Sevenoaks Shopping Centre

“Crystal is willing to learn and try new things,” Toby says. “Her co-workers and managers consistently talk about her strong work ethic and her dependability.”

Vemitha Wljekoon is the site manager with Everclean. He says Crystal’s willingness to learn makes training easier.

“I like Crystal’s willing-to-learn attitude,” Vemitha says. “It is her best quality and makes training her for workplace tasks more efficient.”

Having this positive feedback has been part of Crystal’s success. Her supervisors in both the school district and the shopping centre have been encouraging and have empowered Crystal develop in her abilities and roles. Crystal values the trust and confidence that her employers place in her.

“I really appreciate the encouragement I’ve had and the flexibility I’ve been given with hours and tasks,” she says, adding that she’s been offered additional shifts at the shopping centre now that schools are closing for summer holidays.

Crystal takes pride in the work she does

Toby says employers who hire inclusively create opportunities for innovation that are good for the community and for their customers. As with anyone looking for meaningful work, finding the job that makes best use of your skills, having proper training, and receiving constructive feedback is key. This results in high productivity and performance in your employees. Consumers take note and appreciate inclusive employers.

“When we see others experience a sense of belonging and empowerment, it allows us to feel a safer connection to that environment as well,” Toby says. “This positively impacts company culture, our community, and the greater society.”

For Crystal, having consistent work that she enjoys and that uses her skills makes a big difference. It enables her to support herself, to pay her rent, buy groceries, and have a full social life. Having supportive employers helps Crystal to grow in her confidence and her independence.

“I really love my jobs,” she says.

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