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Ashley And Ferguson Group Photo Halloween 2023


Halloween Party A Success!

What are the components of a successful party? Most would suggest good friends, good food, and lots of laughter. Throw in the opportunity to dress up in a costume and you’ve got the makings of an exceptional event.

That’s exactly what happened this month when 8 friends gathered in one of the homes facilitated by Communitas Supportive Care Society to celebrate Halloween.

Connie Alice Melody Patty Halloween 2023
Connie, Alice, Melody, and Patty loved wearing their costumes to the party.

Abigail Guenette manages one of the homes involved. One of the staff people suggested the idea of inviting friends from another home for a costume party.

“I thought it was a great idea, so we contacted Alex (Peters), the manager of the other home,” Abigail says. “She was on board and it just grew from there.”

Everyone wore costumes, which they chose themselves, some with the help of their support workers.

John Herman Edwin Nick Halloween 2023
John, Herman, Edwin, and Nick also enjoyed getting into costumes

“I liked dressing up in my costume,” says John, who went as a banana.

Patty enjoyed her Cruella de Vil costume so much that she kept it on long after the party was done.

“She loved it so much,” Alex says. “She kept putting up the collar and keeping it close to her face because it was so soft.”

Halloween Lunch
The fish and chips lunch was a hit

Good food is also an important component of any successful party. The friends enjoyed an excellent fish and chips lunch and, of course, everyone got treats.

“I liked the food and the goodie bag,” John says.

For both Nick and Connie, it’s all about food and friends.

“I loved the goodie bag and being around my friends,” Nick says.

Connie agrees adding that a highlight for her was “having good fish and chips with great company.”

At the end of the day, it was agreed by all, that the party was a rousing success.

“We had a blast and we very much enjoy any time we can spend with our friends,” Alex says.

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