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Outreach provides flexible support to people living on their own in community.

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Community Support Options


Fraser Valley Fraser Valley

Areas of Service

Developmental Disabilities

Outreach provides flexible support to a person currently living on their own in community or needing help to find their own home. A support person meets with the individual in their home or in community to provide assistance with daily living. This support can be one-on-one or in a group. Individuals are encouraged to make positive choices that encourage success towards increased independence. The support person helps individuals develop an understanding of social and community resources. This service is available to individuals who own, lease, or rent their own homes, or who may choose alternative living options such as homelessness.

Caitlin Baker is a busy person. She works two jobs, is going back to school and planning her wedding to her sweetheart, Kenzie. She also has ambitious goals like getting her driver’s license, moving into her own place before the wedding, and wanting to get better at meal preparation and grocery shopping.

Still, Caitlin always makes time to meet with Holly, her Outreach support worker. While Caitlin is fiercely independent, she is also wise. She knows her limitations, where she can push herself and when to ask for help. Together with Holly, she works at setting and prioritizing her goals. Caitlin appreciates Holly’s support.

“She’s perfect. We have the same energy,” Caitlin says. “She listens, she takes me to appointments when I need to get somewhere that’s too far to walk or the bus doesn’t go there, and she helps me.”

Holly also enjoys her meetings with Caitlin and is truly impressed with the way that Caitlin perseveres. She doesn’t doubt that Caitlin will be successful in all that she sets her mind to.

“Caitlin is one of the hardest working people I know, she’s an intelligent young lady with so much potential it’s unreal,” she says. “I’m proud to be working alongside her while she travels through her journey.”

A referral from Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) is required to participate in this program. Contact us for more information!

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