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Assisted Living

Quick Facts

Semi-independent, temporary living with supports towards long-term independence in the community.

Type of Service

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Fraser Valley Fraser Valley

Areas of Service

Mental Health

First Avenue Assisted Living offers a safe and supportive environment where those living with mental health challenges can acquire knowledge and skills that will assist them to understand and manage their conditions for the long term. If they are able, the goal is to move to more independent settings in the community.

This semi-independent form of accommodation provides housing with appropriate supports and services that allow residents to maintain an optimal level of independence. Residents, even when they need support and assistance in daily life, retain the ability and right to manage their own lives. They maintain their privacy by living independently and they maintain their dignity by making choices about their daily activities, based on their personal preferences and lifestyles.

First Avenue Assisted Living is open to adults with serious and persistent mental illness who are able, do not need professional nursing services and who do not behave in a way that jeopardizes the health and safety of others. Those who are accepted into the program at First Avenue Assisted Living are able to make day to day decisions and make informed decisions on their own behalf, are able to function safely when they are alone, and are willing to participate in establishing, maintaining and reviewing a recovery plan.

Potential residents for First Avenue Assisted Living are 19 years or older and are referred by Chilliwack Mental Health Centre. For more information contact us.

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