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Choosing Hope

Hope for Ukraine

Plant some sunflowers and grow hope for Ukraine

Choosing Hope for Ukraine – Thank you!

During the spring and summer, Communitas held a special fundraiser to support our colleagues at the Florence Centre in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine. Our work is very similar: the Florence Centre supports children, adults, and families living with developmental disabilities or dealing with abuse, addiction, and mental health issues. Their work has been deeply impacted by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Lucy Romanankova is the director of the Florence Centre. Many of her staff and the people they serve are either internally displaced in Ukraine or scattered across Eastern Europe. Some are still in Zaporizhzhia, where they continue to support families as best they can.

Lucy says the gifts given through this Communitas fundraiser give them hope. “We know we are not forgotten!” she says. Funds raised will be put to good use. Here are some of the ways your gifts will make a difference:

  • Individual counselling to Ukrainians who are in crisis, including teenagers, women, families, and people experiencing loss.
  • Helping parents of children living with developmental disabilities, including individual and group work, operating the day care, and providing seminars for specialists who provide care for children
  • Psychological support for families with children who live with developmental disabilities who are in forced emigration, helping them establish and formulate diagnoses, and supporting them in a timely way and in their native language.
  • Ongoing support for the social media presence that is a key platform to connect with children, teenagers, and adults providing information and encouragement.
  • Supporting more women over 60 years of age living with PTSD.

Thank you for supporting our colleagues and families in Ukraine in this time of crisis. We encourage you to continue to pray with us for an end to the conflict. For more information about the work of the Florence Centre, see the videos below!

You can always choose hope for Ukraine by making a donation that will directly support the work of The Florence Centre.

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Watch our sunflower garden grow! Each flower represents $1,000 in donations!

12 Sunflowers planted!

How to Plant Sunflower Seeds

  • Before planting, soak the seeds in a warm bowl of water overnight to soften the outer husk and help with germination.
  • Seeds can be planted directly into the ground after the last frost, 10cm apart and 3cm deep. Or, start them indoors in seed trays. Using regular potting mix, place the seed into the soil warmed to a constant temperature of 21-30°C. The mix should be moist; never over-saturated. Seeds take about one to two weeks to sprout; thin out the weaker seedlings, and once the hardy stock reaches 5cm in height and all danger of frost has passed, plant outside.
  • Blooming from mid-July to late September, sunflowers will need at least 8 hours of sun a day. Mature plants can adapt to drier conditions, as their extensive root systems will seek water underground, but they still need a good shower every week. When watering, make sure to wet the root only. Water on the leaves or blooms will encourage powdery mildew and other diseases.
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Donate today and help grow Hope for Ukraine!



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