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Communitas Supportive Care Society relies on dedicated, talented and caring board and staff members to give direction to our work. Our board members volunteer their energy and expertise to help us plan ahead and connect with our community.

Board of Directors

Gary Falk

Gary Falk, Board Chair
Director of Risk Management for BC Ministry of Agriculture in Kelowna

Abundant life is life with meaning – contributing to make the world a better place by treating all people with the dignity they deserve.

Jacquie Lepp

Jacquie Lepp, Treasurer
CPA Accountant

Abundant life means a full life, which to me means balance–physical, emotional, spiritual and social. Our journeys’ are as unique as each one of us, yet there is a common goal–to live an abundant life that gives each one of us meaning and purpose.

Celestina Fazal

Celestina Fazal
Rental Properties Accountant at MCC Legacy

Abundant life means carrying the love of God in our hearts, sharing it with others, and watch it multiply and grow.

Kathy Doerksen

Kathy Doerksen
Team Leader with the BC Association of Community Response Networks

Abundant life means integrating family, friends, faith, fun and work to create a life that is rich and joyful.

James Janzen

James Janzen

Abundant life means accepting Christ as Saviour, which gives you renewed motivation and spills over into new relationships with fellow human beings.

Peter Tyne

Peter Tyne
Retired technical manager and product improvement manager in the forest products industry

Abundant life means having the freedom to choose what I do every day.

Claire Neufeld

Clare Neufeld
Volunteer at Oceanside Emergency Social Services, former pilot, trucker, carpenter, board member and pastor

Abundant life means being free to live in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and self-control.

Alan Cavin
Barista at Coco Cafe and Tutor at Literacy Nanaimo

Abundant life is the  joy and peace that Jesus Christ brings into our lives as his friends and children of the Father.

John Weibe

John Wiebe

Abundant life means living in the grace and love of God, committed to His purpose, surrounded by family, friends, and community.

Joyce Verwoerd
Registered Nurse

Abundant life is loving God, myself and others with the gifts and abilities God has given us.

Leadership Team

Karyn Santiago

Karyn Santiago
Chief Executive Officer

Abundant life means having opportunities to dream together, love one another, enjoy life and give back along the way.

Gillian Viljoen

Gillian Viljoen
Chief Program Officer

Abundant life means to live a life fully surrendered to God’s purpose, and to joyfully celebrate physical, spiritual and emotional wellness.

Jeff Hirch

Jeff Hirch
Chief Human Resources Officer

Abundant life means that you feel loved, you belong, and you are able to fulfill your dreams.

Kelly Beaulieu

Kelly Beaulieu
Chief Financial Officer

Abundant life means serving, listening and being listened to, and knowing where to find help when you need it.



Our members serve as advocates and ambassadors for Communitas. Members receive periodic newsletters and updates, and participate in our Annual General Meeting, helping give shape to what we do. By being connected, members affirm the value of our work and associate themselves with our mission to create places of belonging, growth and contribution in our communities.

To learn more about become a member, email or call 604.850.6608.

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