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Peer Support

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Peer Support provides support toward recovery through group learning, workshops, and one-on-one support from a staff member who has lived experience of mental illness.

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Mental Health

Peer Support provides support toward recovery through group learning and one-on-one support from a staff member who has experienced mental illness.

If you were to pass Amelia, walking on the street, you’d never guess that she has struggled with mental illness. Her sunny smile lights up a room. She invites you in with the warmth of her personality. Her demeanour is one of confidence. Her handshake is firm.

“Mental illness is an invisible one,” Amelia explains. “You can’t tell just by looking at someone that they may have experienced severe mental illness. That’s why, every chance I get to tell my story, I’m excited to do it. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness. Mental illness can affect anyone.”

Just as people wouldn’t suspect by simply looking at her that she’s experienced mental illness, Amelia also doesn’t want people to make assumptions about her when they learn that she does.

“We’re people who have personalities, who have hopes and dreams. We’re capable people,” she says.

For Amelia, the shift of focus from illness to wellness made the difference. Part of her recovery happened as a result of her connection with Communitas Supportive Care Society. Programs offered by Communitas helped Amelia identify what makes her well and gave her tools to maintain wellness.

Now Amelia works as a Peer Support Worker (PSW), walking alongside others who are beginning their journey to wellness. She loves the opportunity she has to give back and offer hope to others. She recommends Peer Support to anyone wrestling with mental illness.

“Connecting with someone who really understands where you are is both comforting and reassuring,” she says. “As a PSW, I can also share things that will help a person manage those dark times.”

Today, Amelia is grateful for the support she has around her, especially her family that has seen her through the whole process and loved her unconditionally. She knows that she is not alone.

“For anyone out there who is struggling with mental health issues I can honestly say there is hope,” she says. “It may be dark now but it can get better.”

Peer Support serves people ages 19 and older living in the Fraser Health Authority. For more information, you can contact us directly or visit the Peer Support website today!

 Visit our new Peer Support website for complete information on all we have to offer!

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