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Matthew’s House

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Matthew’s House provides quality care in a beautiful home-like environment to youth aged 16-24 who live with complex care needs, as they transition into adulthood.

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Home Living Options


Fraser Valley Fraser Valley

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Developmental Disabilities

Matthew’s House provides quality care for youth aged 16-24 who live with complex support needs as they transition into adulthood.

Living at Matthew’s House has been a transformative experience for Austin.

Austin’s life changed forever when he and a friend were crossing a street and they were struck by a car. His friend received minor injuries, Austin was not as fortunate.


“He had a broken pelvis, fractures in his neck, damage to his liver but the biggest trauma was to his brain,” says Mindy, Austin’s mother.

Her son spent months in hospital, going through tests and surgeries, with little recovery. He could not speak, he was immobile and had to have a tracheotomy, which also meant he had to be tube fed. The doctors told Mindy that he’d never be able to walk or talk and she and her husband needed to accept this new reality. They didn’t, instead choosing to fight for something better for their son. That something came when Austin moved to Matthew’s House, a move that would have an enormous impact on his health and wellbeing.

“I saw a difference within weeks,” Mindy says. “Austin started smiling, laughing, and talking. His trach is gone, he’s learning to eat and he has started moving his legs.”

Mindy believes that the move to a home-like environment has motivated Austin to fight for his own recovery. She credits the staff for his improvement.

“The staff at Matthew’s House are absolutely amazing,” she says. “Each one of them is just incredible. They are so dedicated and they so committed to Austin’s improvement.”

Austin with his family. (Photo by Perfect Moments Photography)











When asked what she envisions for her son’s future, Mindy smiles. She says that every time she’s come to terms with his limitations, she gets an excited phone call from the staff at Matthew’s House telling her that he’s done something new. She feels like she can dream bigger for him now that he’s living here.

“I hope that he will eventually be able to walk again and eat by himself. It really feels possible,” she says. “I’m just so grateful for Matthew’s House. It’s made a huge difference to our family.”


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