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Worship Resource Updated

Communitas has updated a popular resource for churches. The God of all Comfort worship resource first produced 3 years ago now includes new materials that can be adapted to fit any worship setting.

“Our goal from the very beginning was to produce a resource that any church could use, no matter what their worship style is like,” says Angelika Dawson, communications manager at Communitas and editor of the resource. “We’ve received really great feedback and because we want people to continue to use the materials, we added some new things to it this year.”

God of all Comfort includes prayers, call to worship, benediction, reader’s theatre, children’s activities, ideas for art and more. It also contains referral resources for pastors to use as they respond to people in their congregations asking for help.

Marlene Friesen is a worship leader at Emmanuel Mennonite Church, one of the churches that first “tested” the materials in 2015 and has used it again since then. She appreciates the wealth of resources that are there.

“There is so much variety here. It’s not just responsive readings, it’s poetry, art, drama, video, there really is something for everyone and it’s so adaptable to any style of worship service,” she says.

Friesen also appreciates the fact that Communitas has created tools for churches to address an issue that she feels is important and has given church leaders a user-friendly resource.

“This is such an important issue and I think for people like me who are involved in leading worship, we often don’t know how to approach it,” she says. “Just reading through this material is great for us because it gives us so much background and context for how to address this in the context of worship.”

Statistics tell us that 20% of Canadians will experience mental illness in their lifetime. It affects all of us at some time, whether personally, through a family member, a friend or colleague. That means we share our pews with people who are living this experience but because of the stigma that still surrounds mental illness, many who are affected by it do so silently. By creating materials that fit into a worship service, which is how most people engage with churches, the hope is that their voice will be heard. The feedback seems to indicate that this is true.

“Pastors and worship leaders have told us that using the resource has allowed them to begin conversations with people in their pews about how to better support each other,” Dawson explains. “That’s exactly what we hoped would happen. By adding new materials, it allows congregations to continue to use it and keep the conversation going.”

All of the material has been written by people who have lived experience with mental health issues. The God of all Comfort worship resource is available as a free download from the our Resource page, just click the link below!

Visit our Resource page to download the God of all Comfort worship resource and to view the video resources that are part of this material.

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