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Where I Was Meant To Be

Last fall, we were sitting in the busy staff cafeteria of the Langley Memorial Hospital where Sara Reinhart worked as an Occupational Therapist (she recently began working as an OT at Abbotsford Regional Hospital.) She smiled as she reflected on her journey through Communitas to where she is today. Sara worked for Communitas for four years as a Residential Support Worker (RSW) in two homes. She says it was one of the best employment experiences she’s ever had.

“I loved seeing the people we served every day, connecting with them, laughing on every shift, being a part of their lives, through their various activities and daily routines,” she says. “I had fun on every shift!”

Sara feels that God called her to Communitas and that the first day in each of the homes she served was an affirmation of that calling.

“Each time I had a strong sense that this is where I was meant to be,” she says.

Working at the homes also introduced her to her current work. She had the opportunity to see an OT come do assessments for both staff and people living in the homes and was intrigued by how the OT helped make their jobs and their lives easier. Today, she works on a mental health unit at Langley Memorial and has found that she really enjoys work that enables her to help others live their lives more fully.

“I love working with the various people, doing assessments, problem solving, and being creative,” she explains.

When Sara and her husband married, they included her sister and one of the people who lived in the home where Sara worked, in their wedding party.

Although her time with Communitas was relatively short, she had many meaningful experiences and built relationships that continue to this day. Sara really got to know the families of the people she served and was invited to travel with some of them on their vacations, providing support for their family member. She equally enjoyed the day to day excursions to local parks or coffee shops and being out in community. Her time at Communitas was so impactful that she stays connected with former colleagues and with those living in each home. When she got married, one of the people she served was the ring bearer in her wedding party, along with her sister, who was the flower lady.

Her current work also keeps her connected with Communitas, through the organization’s mental health services.

“I work with Peer Support Workers through the mental health program,” she says. “They play a big role on our team, giving hope and inspiration to those in hospital struggling with their own mental health.”

Sara says she would recommend Communitas to anyone considering work in the social services field.

“I quite often reflect on my experience because it had such an impact on who I am today and what I do now,” she says. “The people I served inspired me, showed me humility, compassion and patience. Working for Communitas was honestly one of my favourite jobs.”

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