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Webinar Explores Generosity

Preparing your legacy means much more than simply planning your will; it is an opportunity to develop a plan for giving throughout your lifetime and beyond. On Thursday October 29th, Communitas Supportive Care Society will host a Planned Giving Webinar that will provide you with expert advice on your giving options.

Since COVID19 restrictions make it difficult to meet in large groups, this annual event will be held online.

“The wonderful thing about doing this year’s Planned Giving webinar is that you can take in all the information shared, from the comfort of your own home,” says Sarah De Klein, resource development coordinator for Communitas.

De Klein and Communitas’ CEO Karyn Santiago will host the webinar, bringing greetings and sharing information about the organization. They will introduce the two presenters: Brad Friesen, a gift planning consultant from Abundance Canada and John Wiebe, a lawyer with Kuhn LLP who is also a board member of Communitas. Participants in the webinar will learn the ins and outs of estate planning and maximizing tax benefits through various charitable gifting options.

Brad Friesen, Abundance Canada

“As a gift planning consultant at Abundance Canada it is a privilege and joy working with generous people who want to make a difference in this world,” Friesen says. “In the Communitas webinar, we will discuss developing a Generosity Plan which includes a simple and flexible approach to charitable giving throughout your lifetime and in your will.”

John Wiebe, Kuhn LLP

Wiebe’s presentation will focus on the legal considerations and issues involved in the estate planning process. Having a plan for one’s estate puts a person in control of what happens to your legacy when you pass away. Wiebe also indicated that the webinar is for everyone, regardless of their age.

“Death is a certainty of life and a structured estate plan can help relieve a significant burden for your loved ones,” he says.

Abundance Canada is a faith-based charitable foundation that helps Canadians create and implement a customized generosity plan to maximize their support for the charities they care about most, during their lifetime and beyond. Kuhn LLP is based in Vancouver and Abbotsford and provides a wide range of legal services. The webinar is free and there is no obligation to make a donation to Abundance Canada or to Communitas.

“We offer this webinar at no cost because we feel it’s important for all of us to plan our legacy,” says De Klein.

The free Planned Giving webinar happens Thursday, October 29 from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm.

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