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Taking on a Community Challenge

When the City of Mission invited residents to take part in Mission in MotionParticipACTION’s Community Better Challenge – the members at Centennial Place decided this would be a great way to contribute to their community.

The challenge called on residents to record their minutes of activity – anything from gardening, to mediation, to cycling, to team sports.

“We already have a full calendar of all kinds of activities, so for us, this was a no-brainer,” says Tim Rempel, the manager at Centennial Place.

Centennial Place is a mental health clubhouse in Mission where the focus is on mental wellness, offering hope, encouragement, and opportunities for individuals in Mission living with mental health challenges. The active clubhouse has a regular weekly calendar packed with activities many of which qualified for the Community Better Challenge, which ran from May 31 – June 16.

“We really liked that the focus was on wellness as opposed to simply fitness,” Tim says.

Chair Yoga, led by Sue, is a great way for people with mobility issues to stay active.

Members took part in a wide variety of activities including pickle ball, meditation, basketball, baseball, and Quigong, logging in over 5000 minutes of activity in a 2-week period. One of the regularly offered activities at Centennial Place is Chair Yoga.

“Chair yoga is relaxing, grounding and calming, helping us to reset our nervous systems and deal with stress more effectively.” – Clo Nickel, program facilitator at Centennial Place.

A unique twist to the Chair Yoga program is a workout called IntenSati. Clo says that including the brief, higher energy activity to the chair yoga group helps to cultivate a positive mindset that the participants carry with them through the week.

The IntenSati workout adds higher intensity movement along with positive messages benefiting body and mind.

“These two practices together help build strength, confidence, and resiliency in the participants as they walk on their mental health journey,” she says.

The Community Better Challenge is very popular across the country with the ParticipACTION website reporting that Canadians logged in 263,420,922 minutes of activity. The ultimate goal for the City of Mission is to win $150,000 towards physical activity initiatives. The winners will be announced on June 27th.

Regardless of whether or not Mission wins, the members of Centennial Place were glad to participate, giving them a unique way to have a presence in their hometown.

“It gave us a nice focus for our programming and was a great way to participate with the wider community,” Tim says.

Centennial Place has lots to offer!

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