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Staying Strong and Positive

Sherry’s face lights up when she talks about her Wednesday afternoon Brain Injury Drop-In at Communitas Supportive Care Society.

“I love coming here,” she says. “It makes me happy. We get a great meal and I’ve met a lot of people and made some good friends.”

Ten years ago, Sherry suffered a stroke while she was at work. The stroke affected the right side of her body including the sight in her right eye but she has made great strides in her recovery. She uses a cane to support her when she walks. Sometimes she has to search for a certain word when she’s having a conversation but that doesn’t stop her from having animated conversations with her friends.

“They always make me smile,” she says.

Sherry lives semi-independently; she has her own living space in the basement of the home of her care providers Noel and Dora. She likes having this autonomy but it is also reassuring to know that someone is always looking out for her.

“Every night they call down, ‘goodnight, Sherry!’” she says. “It’s nice to know that they’re checking on me.”

Sherry loves to exercise, especially going for walks. She is fastidious about keeping her place clean and tidy. She is also a people-person and loves talking with others.

She says it makes her sad when people see her coming and turn away, almost as if they’re afraid of her because of her brain injury. She wishes people would just smile and say ‘hi’ or be courageous enough to stop and chat with her.

There’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m really just like you and would love to talk! – Sherry, Brain Injury Drop In participant

Sherry continues to set goals for herself, working at reading and writing, trying to restore some of what was lost with her stroke. She hopes to visit her family in Saskatchewan but she doesn’t think she’ll ever move back there.

“I love Abbotsford,” she says. “I will stay here and continue to move forward with all of my activities. I will be strong and stay positive!”

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