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Spreading Christmas Cheer

A young boy and his friends spread some Christmas cheer to several seniors last week. Five-year-old Madyx delivered some of the 30 Christmas cards made by him and his friends to one of Communitas’ homes where they were received with smiles and laughter.

“All the people who live here thought the cards were just great,” says Michael, who manages the home. “The cards were beautiful and really made our people happy.”

Madyx came up with the idea of making the cards after a conversation with his mom, Amanda, about the special relationship he has with his grandparents.

“Madyx is very close to his grandparents and he wanted to make cards for them,” Amanda explains. “I told him that I never knew my own grandparents and being inquisitive, he wanted to know more.”

Michael, the manager of this Communitas home, shows Herman one of the cards made by Madyx and his friends.

That conversation led to the realization that there might be seniors who wouldn’t receive any Christmas cards because they might not have family or anyone close by. Madyx asked if he could make cards and deliver them, to which his mother agreed. She reached out to Alan Cavin, the director of resource development at Communitas, asking if there were any seniors who would appreciate receiving cards. Alan said he was aware of about 30 people who would love to receive such a gift.

“When we realized that we would need to make 30 cards, Madyx suggested that we ask his Beaver Scouts and some of his other friends if they’d like to help,” she says. “They were all excited to do it.”

Madyx had a very particular vision for the cards. He wanted “beautiful” cards of green and red with glitter. He and Amanda bought supplies and an evening was spent creating the cards, which Madyx then delivered. He was pleased with how they were received.

I felt really good. They loved the Christmas cards and I saw them smile. – Madyx, age 5 

This is not the first time that Madyx has practiced this kind of generosity. Earlier this year, he prepared 10 colouring kits with books, pencil crayons, and sharpeners and brought them to Matthew’s House, a Communitas home for children and youth.

Amanda believes that this might have sparked an on-going desire to give to others. She has always tried to instill kindness and generosity in her son. Madyx has always accompanied her when making donations to women’s shelters or food banks. She also believes that his preschool, Wind and Tide, did a great job of instilling these values through their teaching. And while they never seek attention for their acts of kindness, she is grateful for this acknowledgement.

“I never thought his actions would be admired or considered story-worthy,” she says. “This warms my heart.”

You can spread some Christmas cheer too!

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