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Outbound Draws Crowds

Nearly 300 people attended the screening of Outbound, a feature film starring actors of all abilities.


Opportunities to Grow

When Claudette thinks back on 27 years of working at Communitas, she can sum up her experience in one word: growth.

A Magical Experience

Joshua Taylor has done a lot of things in his life time but he has found that working for Communitas is truly “magical”.


This Place is Like Family

After 25 years of working at Communitas, Elli can honestly say that she’s never thought of going anywhere else. To her, Communitas is like family.


Never Give Up

Barbara knows first-hand what it means to live with a physical disability and mental health challenges. As a Peer Support Worker, she shares her journey with others.


Lost and Found

When Jennifer reflects on her life, she is amazed at how she once felt completely lost. Today, she is grounded by her work, her faith, and her relationships.


Part of the Family

Paul says that becoming a Home Share provider for Mark has had a positive impact on his life and that of his family.


Blooming Positive Project

When all the flower baskets hanging in front of the Communitas offices were stolen, we chose to respond in an unexpected way.


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