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Part of the Family

Paul says that becoming a Home Share provider for Mark has had a positive impact on his life and that of his family.


Blooming Positive Project

When all the flower baskets hanging in front of the Communitas offices were stolen, we chose to respond in an unexpected way.


Life Through a Different Lens

Dave takes amazing nature photos with his camera but photography is not the only lens through which he looks at life; the other lens is that of acquired brain injury.


We Have It Good Here

Ron enjoys sharing his life with his Home Share provider Lucian and his family. Find out what makes it so good!


Sustained Support

Elfrieda Kitchen is a faithful supporter of Communitas where her brother Gary received care for much of his adult life.


The Struggle To Bloom

Miya says that writing poetry helps her to process things and get them out in a healthy way. She will be reading one of her poems at our Poetry Reading…


Renewed Passion

Judy has found that art allows her to focus on the positive and achieve success – two things important for someone living with a brain injury.


Serving with Love and Respect

Astina has built her life around serving others. Today she serves people living with disabilities here at Communitas – service that gives her great joy.

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