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Outbound Draws Crowds

Nearly 300 people attended the screening of Outbound, a feature film starring actors of all abilities and made by Abbotsford filmmaker, Brian Cucek, and hosted at SilverCity cinema in Mission by Communitas Supportive Care Society.

The film debut was so popular that a second screening was hastily arranged by the staff at SilverCity so that those who couldn’t get a seat in the first theatre were able to see it immediately after the first show.

“We didn’t know what to expect but we were totally blown away by the attendance,” said Brian, seen above with his parents and his brother, James, who all played a role in the film.

Communitas paparazzi had fun taking photos of people on the red carpet

The red carpet event before the show was very popular with actors, family members and friends taking their turn walking down the carpet and posing in front of the movie poster. “Paparazzi” (staff from Communitas Supportive Care Society) had fun taking photos, making everyone feel special.

Before the film had its first screening, Cucek addressed the crowd, introducing James, as well as Darrin Riga; James acted in the film and also wrote the original song for the credits, Riga played a starring role. Both men live with autism. Cucek also took time to thank Communitas and SilverCity as well as his family.

“I want to thank my parents especially, for always encouraging my dream of being a filmmaker,” he said.

As the film began, audience members were riveted by the 30 minute sci-fi film, which was shot at various locations throughout the Fraser Valley as well as on green screen. As the film ended, they cheered and applauded.

Darrin, who lives with autism, played the starring role as the captain of the space crew

“It was really neat to see myself on the big screen,” Darrin said.

Karyn Santiago, chief executive officer for Communitas, was moved by the attendance, by the enthusiasm of all who came, and was appreciative of the staff at SilverCity who accommodated the need for a second screening. She was also impressed by the quality and inclusiveness of the film.

“Seeing actors of all abilities working together to make this story come alive was just amazing,” Karyn said. “It was a perfect way to celebrate Community Inclusion month!”

Outbound is one of several films created by Cucek and featuring actors of all abilities. It is a unique niche that marries his passions.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to do this. It brings together the two things I love to do: make films and work with people who have special needs,” Brian said.

Outbound is now available for public viewing  on Youtube

Outbound is now available for public viewing

Watch it here!