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Isolation Leads To Creative Perspective

Sometimes, it just takes a change in perspective to turn something negative into something positive. The roots and rocks encountered on a walk in the woods or along the riverside can be viewed as stumbling blocks for us to trip over or a beautiful part of the scenery. It all depends on how you look at it.

For many of us, the pandemic has made this a challenging year, disrupting our routines and our sense of community. This has been true for Ron, who shares a home with Lucian and Andreea, through a Home Share arrangement with Communitas Supportive Care Society.

Many of Ron’s regular activities either changed or were suspended in spring – his day programs, church services, even doctor’s appointments look different. And while these changes or restrictions could be seen as negative, Lucian says they’ve found some real positives.

“Ron’s life has certainly been impacted by all these changes,” Lucian says. “But as we’ve pulled closer together as a family, we have also found opportunities to discover hidden talents in Ron.”

The large garage and workshop has been a great place to explore creative pursuits.

The family worked at finding indoor activities that they could do together and that would stimulate some creativity. Their home includes a large garage and workshop, so they started with woodwork.

The tree root in its natural state.

One of their first projects began with a small root stump that they found in the summer while on a walk at the Vedder River. The wood was full of character, embedded with river rocks. After cleaning it up, Ron lacquered it, leaving its natural elements intact.

The final work of art!

“We felt that the wood was embracing and assimilating the rocks into its existence,” Lucian explains. “It’s a testimony of hardship, patience, and acceptance – much like we can do with ‘rocks’ in our own lives.”

They put Ron’s handiwork up for sale on Etsy and in just 5 days it was purchased by a buyer in France. Ron was thrilled. The fact that others appreciated his work lifted his spirits and boosted his confidence.

Now Ron is looking forward to similar projects and often comes up with artistic ideas. By nurturing his love for art, Ron has found new and creative ways to express himself. By working together as a family, they have drawn closer to each other. It turns out, that by changing their perspective, they truly discovered something positive.

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