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Film Features Actors with Diverse Abilities

A science fiction film starring actors with diverse abilities will get its first big screening at SilverCity Cinemas in Mission, BC on October 12th. Outbound is an original film by local filmmaker, Brian Cucek.

Outbound brings together the two things I love to do: make films and work with people who have special needs,” Brian says.

The official movie poster for Outbound

The premise for Outbound is that earth is dying and a crew is sent to a distant planet to verify its suitability for life. Once they arrive, a meteor shower wipes out the mother ship, stranding the team and then an unknown force begins to hunt the survivors one by one. Much of the film was shot on green screen and Brian added the visual effects afterwards.

“Models were used for the ship and the shuttle and have been modified to look as realistic as possible,” says Brian, who spent months editing the film and adding effects.

Outbound is one of several films that Brian has done involving actors living with special needs. The Drifter (2017), a spaghetti western, starred Darrin Riga who lives with autism. In Outbound, Darrin plays the captain of the crew that is sent to scout out the alien planet.

Ryan (left) and Darrin have starred in two movies together, the latest is Outbound

“Brian is a really good director. He helped me with my lines,” Darrin says. “It was really cool filming on the green screen.”

As with his other films, Brian and Darrin collaborated on the script and invited others to speak into the story line as well. When friends wanted to participate, the two found a way to work them into the script. The film also includes other people who receive support in the community from Communitas Supportive Care Society, Abbotsford Community Services and Community Living Society. Brian’s wife and parents also have significant roles and his brother James, who lives with autism, wrote an original song for the final credits of the film.

“I’m really excited that Communitas has helped to make it possible for this film to get a screening at SilverCity,” Brian says. “It will be amazing for everyone to see themselves on the big screen.”

Darrin agrees. “When I see myself on the big screen, that will be really exciting. I hope lots of people come to see us.”


Outbound will show on Friday, October 12th at 11 am at SilverCity in Mission. Admission is free.