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Karin Connie and Nick singing

Expanding the Circle

In the living room of their home, Connie, Nick, and Karin sit together and sing worship songs. Karin plays her guitar, she and Connie sing melody, and Nick chimes in with his deep, bass voice. They sing “How Great Thou Art,” a hymn that is both familiar and comforting. It is both a joyful and healing practice, one that fills a void created by COVID-19.

Before the pandemic robbed our society of communal worship, Connie, Nick, and many others living with developmental disabilities would meet weekly to participate in Circle of Friends, a worship service organized by Communitas’ sister organization, Bethesda. Karin, who manages the Communitas home where Connie and Nick live with two other housemates, knew that this gathering was being missed so she began to bring her guitar to their home so that they could sing together.

When Nick asked Karin if they could record their singing so that he could share it with his family, Karin agreed.

I thought it might be fun for Connie to do too and then she said she would like to do our own Circle of Friends, to share with others who are missing this gathering” – Karin, Group Home Manager

Connie thought this was a great idea and was thankful for being given a vehicle to be an encouragement.

“I like making people happy,” she says.

Nick, Connie and Karin spent some time recording themselves singing some of their favourite songs including How Great Thou Art, I’m Trading My Sorrows, Jesus Loves Me, and Mercy is Falling.  Nick particularly enjoyed singing bass for How Great Thou Art.

“I’m not like the Blackwood Brothers but I sure can sing low,” he commented.

These songs are offered here for all who are missing the chance to sing together. We hope you are blessed by their efforts!

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