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Community Support At The Heart of Fraserway RV

At Communitas, we are grateful for a generous community of support. Our committed donors make it possible for us to have a stable base of support for the work we do. Fraserway RV is one of the businesses that has faithfully contributed to Communitas over the years. Service to the community is one of their highest values, manifested in the way they do business and the ways in which they support organizations like Communitas.

Established in 1969 by the Epp family, Fraserway RV has maintained the goal of helping customers achieve their vacation dreams ever since. It remains a family business with children and grandchildren involved in various ways.

“My father had a great motto ‘Never satisfied until good is better, and better is best’,” says current owner James Epp. “He always challenged us to try and do better and we continue to follow in his footsteps.”

As a business, the team is guided daily by their mission statement to “…do everything possible to ensure our customers vacation dreams are realized” and by their values of Customer Experience, Innovation, Integrity, Respect, Social Action, and Teamwork.  These guiding principles inform the way in which they live, work, and support every community in which they have a dealership.

Fraserway RV provides a variety of products for customers to choose from

“We believe it’s very important to give back, to support both local and international initiatives, and to create a positive impact on the world,” Epp says. “We are blessed to be part of a thriving business… it makes sense to us to share these blessings with others.”

Fraserway RV is a top sponsor of Communitas’ 40for80 campaign in which sponsors agree to match every dollar given up to $40,000, making it possible for the organization to raise $80,000 this Christmas. Sarah De Klein is the head of philanthropy at Communitas. She notes that Fraserway has been unwavering in their support for Communitas year after year.

“We are grateful for the way that this support recognizes the good work that we do at Communitas,” she says. “There really is a synchronicity in terms of our shared values of service.”

The team at Fraserway RV agree. They chose to support this initiative because Communitas’ mission, vision, and values align with their own.

The team at Fraserway RV in Abbotsford

“Communitas is all about inclusivity and opens its arms to all,” Epp says. “As we are founded on biblical principles, Fraserway also embraces diversity and inclusion and loves to support organizations who see the value in everyone and that everyone deserves respect.”

Epp says that the support of local charities and organizations, participation in community events, and their hiring practices are meant to ensure that they represent Fraserway’s heritage and speak to their commitment to social action.

“We believe that we are stronger together,” Epp says. “The Fraserway family is proud to be a part of a consistent spirit of giving and celebrating everyone in the communities that support us.”


Join Fraserway RV in supporting Communitas through the 40for80 campaign.

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