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Communitas Announces Unique Art Exhibit

Communitas is excited to announce a new art exhibit that opened at The Reach Gallery Museum on Friday, March 25, 2022 in the Community Art Space.

Titled Heart of Communitas, the show features portraits and quotes of people who work for the organization. The portraits surround a unique art piece that includes photos and text of people who receive services from the organization. The exhibit was conceived by communications staff as a way to support Communitas staff recruitment efforts.

“Our staff love working here and I thought if people could see the kind of people who work here and learn a bit about them, they might be able to see themselves working here too,” says Vicky Manderson, who is the social media lead for Communitas as well as the manager of one of the organization’s mental health services.

For the last several months, Vicky has been taking portraits of staff and asking them how they feel about working for Communitas, an organization that provides care in communities across BC to people living with developmental disabilities, mental health challenges, and acquired brain injury. She also asked staff to share a little bit about what makes them who they are. Their answers reveal a diverse workforce in terms of gender, age, and ethnicity who are unified in their love for their work. It also shows that those who come to work for Communitas have a wide variety of interests and life experiences.

The portraits surround a unique art piece featuring images and comments from people served by Communitas. This piece stands symbolically at the centre of the exhibit.

Veronica Harms serves as the graphic designer for Communitas and is an artist in her own right. Along with designing the look of the portraits and quotes, Veronica also created the central feature of the exhibit that focuses on the people served by the organization.

Communitas is a person-centred organization and we wanted to find a way to symbolically show that the people who work for us, do so because they care about the people we serve.– Veronica Harms, graphic designer

The exhibit is one part of a year-long theme and will include a variety of ways of celebrating people at the heart of the organization. Each Monday, a staff person is featured on Communitas Facebook and Instagram pages using the hashtag #HeartOfCommunitas. Communitas is also hosting two exclusive Job Fairs in the gallery space on May 4 and 5th. Other activities are being planned throughout the year.

“We really hope that as people engage with us on social media or come to see this exhibit at The Reach, that they will become curious about who we are,” Manderson says. Harms agrees.

“We hope that curiosity will cause people to explore Communitas further and that they’ll find a place with us too,” she says.

Heart of Communitas opened at The Reach Gallery Museum on Friday, March 25th and runs until Saturday, May 7th, during gallery hours. Entrance to the gallery is free. For information about The Reach, including gallery hours, visit 

We hope you'll see The Heart of Communitas exhibit at

The Reach Gallery Museum 32388 Veterans Way, Abbotsford BC

(Please contact The Reach to ensure that the Community Art Space is available to view the exhibit!)