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Communitas Announces Closure Of Enterprises

After more than two decades of providing shredding and recycling services in the Fraser Valley, ShredMasters and ValleyRecycling will close their doors at the end of July.

ShredMasters and ValleyRecycling were each a division of Communitas Enterprises, a program of Communitas Supportive Care Society. Both enterprises provided training and employment opportunities for people living with a developmental disability, mental health challenge or acquired brain injury. Closing these businesses after such a long time in the community was a difficult but necessary decision.

“In recent years, shredding and recycling technology has changed significantly,” says George Jacob, chief operations officer for Communitas. “The future of these businesses lies in greater automation and reduced manual labour.”

Sadly, this changing landscape means the continuation of our services no longer fits the social mission of our organization. – George Jacob, Chief Operations Officer

For the past several months, Communitas has worked to find other businesses to take over the two operations. Jacob indicates that the goal was to find businesses that were committed to excellent customer service, high environmental standards, and social responsibility. Two businesses stood out for their commitment to these values.

Waste Connections of Canada will take over commercial recycling. The company is committed to customer service excellence and are committed to improving the environment in the communities they serve.

Urban Impact will take over all shredding and multi-family unit recycling services. The company has been serving the lower mainland for twenty-five years. Along with a commitment to the environment, the company is also socially oriented.

While it is difficult to close ShredMasters and ValleyRecycling, Jacob says that it felt good to find companies that have a solid reputation and track record in their field. He is also grateful for the opportunity to stay connected.

“One of the great things that Urban Impact does is hold Shredding Days that benefit charities in the community,” Jacob says. “We’re looking forward to having them hold ongoing events to benefit Communitas.”

Jacob says information on the first shred-events with Urban Impact this fall will be out shortly.

As well as transferring services to these businesses, Communitas is committed to working with current employees to help them find suitable work in these fields or to work at retraining in other areas.

Communitas Enterprises continues to offer other training and employment opportunities for people of diverse abilities through its other enterprises: Little Sprout Café, Comm Crew Landscaping, as well as through its janitorial services and vehicle maintenance program.

Communitas Enterprises continues to provide training and employment opportunities to people of diverse abilities.

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