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Celebrating Centennial Place

It’s fairly quiet at Centennial Place these days but don’t let that fool you; there is plenty going on.

Centennial Place is a mental health clubhouse in Mission, BC that is operated by Communitas Supportive Care Society and funded by Fraser Health. Normally, the club house is a hub of activity offering support to individuals who have chosen to become members here.  Along with regularly scheduled classes and planned activities, staff at the clubhouse support individuals as they engage in their community and learn to develop a healthy social network.

Like so many organizations, COVID has deeply impacted the way Centennial Place supports the people it serves. Tim Rempel, who manages the services here, is proud of the way his team has adapted.

The work we do is highly relational so it took a lot of creative thinking and energy to find ways to continue to support our members.  – Tim Rempel, manager

Much of the communication between staff and members is by phone or on line. The responses they receive from the people they serve helps them refine their services further. Staff are creating videos of some of the things that are regularly offered like meditation or yoga. Social media has become an important connecting place with daily positive posts and activities designed to help people feel less isolated.

Elaine Moore is a program director with Communitas Supportive Care Society, the organization that facilitates services at Centennial Place. She says the staff has been resilient in their ability to adapt and implement.

“The team at Centennial Place continues to rise to the challenge of ‘Clubhouse beyond the four walls’ without compromising the quality of the services they provide,” she says. “Words alone cannot express my appreciation to both the team and the members that make Centennial Place an integral role in the wellness journey.”

Every year, during the first week of May, Centennial Place celebrates its anniversary with a week of events culminating in a big party at the end of the week. This year, their ninth, that celebration will look quite different.

“Obviously we won’t be able to gather like we usually do, but we’re still going to celebrate because it’s important to mark this annual milestone,” Tim says.

Home-baked muffins are just one way that staff at Centennial Place are showing their care for the people they serve.

Instead of having an in-person party, Tim and the team at Centennial Place will take a few days to deliver muffins and encouragement to their members.

“We want to remind our members that we’re still here for them,” he says.

Plans are already happening for next year when Centennial Place will celebrate its 10th anniversary – a big milestone. Until then, the team will continue to adapt and find ways to support its members in a positive and safe way.

You can learn more about Centennial Place when you visit their website

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