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Canucks Fan Sounds Her Horn

When Andrea watches her beloved Canucks play hockey, she is more than ready to cheer them on. She always makes sure she wears her jersey and gets settled in her comfy chair right in front of the TV. And when they score, she does more than just cheer: Andrea hits the button that sounds the horn and sets the red light spinning.

Andrea lives with her roommates in a home facilitated by Communitas Supportive Care Society. Her mother, Esther, and a staff person working at the home, facilitated an interview with Andrea, giving her an opportunity to express her thoughts about the gift, her favourite team and her appreciation for the staff at the home who know how important it is to Andrea to watch the games.

It is clear that Andrea is a dedicated Canucks fan. She rarely misses a game and loves to cheer her favourite team. The special goal light and horn was a Christmas gift from her parents.

“I was so excited!” she says.

Esther remembers that Andrea’s sister, Teresa, first got Andrea interested in hockey back in 1994 when the Canucks were in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Andrea got hooked and has been a die-hard fan ever since, cheering for the Canucks whether they are winning or losing.

“People tell me that I am the Canucks #1 fan. – Andrea, #1Fan

There is plenty of evidence of that in Andrea’s room. She has a photo of herself as a young Girl Scout meeting Markus Näslund when he came to an event in Abbotsford. She has another of herself with Roberto Luongo, one of the Sedin twins, and several other players taken at a fan-appreciation event. The photo is mounted in a frame and is signed by the players.

“We were lucky enough to go to this game when friends gave us their tickets,” Esther says. “It was wonderful to have the picture taken but we had no idea that they would send us the matted photo with all the signatures. That was really special.”

Andrea always wears her Canucks jersey when cheering on her favourite team

Andrea has been to a few live games. Her favourite part is when they score a goal and the loud horn goes off. That’s why, when Esther found the goal light and horn at a local housewares store, she knew it would make the perfect gift for her daughter.

Andrea activates the device from a remote control on her comfy chair. The horn is programmed to sound exactly like the Canuck’s horn, which is apparently modeled after the BC Ferries horn sound. Being able to activate the goal light and horn just makes each game that much more exciting.

She’s also grateful that the staff in her home help her prepare for each game, ensuring that she’s got her jersey on, and getting her set up in her comfy chair with her goal light and horn, ready to cheer her team. She’s grateful that the staff support her determination to stay up and watch the end of a game, no matter how late it goes.

“I watch each game to the very end,” she says.

Andrea is looking forward to attending a game at the end of March when the Canucks take on the L.A. Kings. She would love another opportunity to meet her favourite players but regardless, this #1 fan will be in the stands, wearing her jersey, and ready to cheer her favourite team.

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