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Cafe Job Sprouts Dreams For Future

Steve loves his new job at Little Sprout Cafe. He’s so excited, he often shows up early for his shifts and hangs around after his shift is done, even though he’s free to leave. He loves the team he’s working with and is enthusiastic about all the café has to offer.

Steve loves his job at Little Sprout Cafe

“Everything here is so fresh. We grow our microgreens right in the café, we make almost everything from scratch. All of it tastes so good,” he says.

After working as a trainee and learning the ropes as a line cook, Steve applied and was hired as a team member. Steve lives with mental health challenges but work, he says, helps him stay healthy.

Steve and Dan, hard at work in the kitchen of Little Sprout Cafe

“Work keeps me stable, relieves stress, and socializing with the team and with our customers means I don’t feel isolated,” he explains.

Little Sprout Café is an enterprise of Communitas Supportive Care Society. The café is focused on fresh, nourishing food featuring locally sourced ingredients. The curated menu showcases microgreens grown right in the café in urban cultivators and used in nearly every menu item. What makes the cafe truly unique is its focus on inclusive hiring. Little Sprout Café prioritizes employees who live with challenges, creating an environment where people receive the support they need so that they can deliver their best.

Patrick Moore is the head chef at Little Sprout Cafe

Patrick Moore is the head chef of Little Sprout Café. He truly values Steve as a member of the café team for a variety of reasons.

“Steve has a fantastic sense of humour,” Patrick says with a smile. “He’s got a great work ethic and is super reliable.”

One of the gifts Patrick has observed in Steve is his ability to listen and act.

“Steve keeps his ears open and will hear a customer giving their order and will start working on that order before they’ve even finished speaking,” Patrick says. “It’s remarkable!”

Steve first came to Communitas over a decade ago when he was a member of Centennial Place, a mental health clubhouse in Mission, facilitated by Communitas. There he participated in workshops and seminars that helped him maintain his mental health. He also gained work experience in the in-house café at Centennial Place, which enabled him to find work in fast food restaurants. Now he brings that work ethic and experience to Little Sprout Café, where he continues to learn from his team members.

Steve (far left) enjoys working with the rest of the Little Sprout team (L-R) Dan, Patrick, Darlene, Rhys, and Steve

“So many of them have been to culinary arts school, so I’m learning so much from them,” he says. “That’s a dream of mine too, to go to culinary school.”

For now, he’s learning as much as he can and hopes the community will come in and experience the fresh tastes of Little Sprout Café for themselves.

“Check out our monthly specials,” he says. “And definitely try the Burrata BLT, it’s my favourite, even the Burrata cheese is made in-house.”

Little Sprout Café is located at #102-2776 Bourquin Crescent West in Abbotsford and is currently open Monday to Friday, 8 am to 3 pm. To check out the menu and learn more, visit

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