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Birthday Brunch a Success

When the pandemic threatened to impact Clyde’s birthday party in October, Tanya, who manages the Communitas home where he lives, and her staff did some serious brainstorming. Together, they came up with a creative solution.

“Normally, we host an individual’s birthday party here at home but because of COVID 19, we aren’t able to have family members come into the residence that Clyde shares with four other people,” Tanya explains.

They considered having brunch at a local restaurant. Clyde loves anything he can pour pancake syrup onto so brunch is a favourite meal. But meeting at a restaurant is also challenging in times of COVID. Instead, they decided to rent a hotel room for the day and it turned out to be a huge success.

Clyde with his dad and Aunt Adina

Tanya made arrangements with the Sandman Hotel in Abbotsford, renting a suite that had a kitchenette. They ordered brunch from the Denny’s restaurant attached to the hotel, which was delivered right to their door.

“The people at the Sandman were amazing,” Tanya says. “They gave us a stellar rate and offered to extend the time if needed.”

Being able to spread out comfortably and enjoy the quiet atmosphere was a big bonus

Having a suite and eating in turned out to have benefits that they had not anticipated. It gave the family room to spread out comfortably. Since it was just Clyde, his father and aunt, and his caregiver, it was quiet, which had a positive impact on Clyde. This was something his family noticed right away.

“Because there was no noise or other people, Clyde was not distracted,” his aunt, Adina said. “It meant we had a really nice visit with him.”

Clyde was really happy with the hand-made slippers he received!

Clyde enjoyed opening his gift of hand-knitted slippers and really enjoyed the meal – Tanya made sure there was extra syrup on hand, just in case.

“It turned out to be even better than we thought it would be,” Tanya says. “It was nice to be able to work together with the people at Sandman to make it happen.”

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