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Amazing Memories

Vanessa Becker has a lifetime of experience to bring to her current job as an Educational Assistant. Her mother spent 20 years working with adults who live with developmental disabilities. Vanessa has a niece and an adopted sister who both live with Down Syndrome. She literally grew up in an environment where she experienced people of all kinds of abilities.

“This has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember,” she says. “So acceptance and breaking down barriers and stigmas is very important to me.”

Before working as an EA, Vanessa brought these values to her work at Communitas where she worked as a Residential Support Worker (RSW) for eight years. These years added skills to the life experience she already had.

Vanessa, shown here with her friend Jeffrey, has many fond memories from working with Communitas.

“I learned how to be adaptable and resourceful,” she says. “Working for Communitas also gave me good organizational and interpersonal communications skills as I learned to work with a team. I often fall back on the things I learned during those eight years.”

Vanessa credits her experience with Communitas in helping her achieve high marks in her EA training.

“It became very clear to me in the first week of my EA course that this was something I would excel at,” she says. “I breezed through with straight A’s and a lot of my knowledge came from my eight years of working in a home.”

She says that the best part of her job as an RSW was supporting residents in their daily lives. She loved being out in community with the people she served. She feels similarly about her current work as an EA, where her favourite work is supporting teenagers in their learning environment. Vanessa is grateful for the time she had with Communitas.

“Working for Communitas was beneficial to me in my current career but it also gave me years of amazing memories that I will forever cherish and friends I love dearly.”

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