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Children and Youth Respite

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Children’s Respite providing temporary care for children by contracted caregivers in the community, giving parents an opportunity to rest.

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Developmental Disabilities

Children’s Respite provides temporary care for individuals by contracted caregivers in the community, giving their primary caregivers an opportunity to rest.

Shae lives with autism, a spectrum disorder that can affect people differently. Shae does not speak much but vocabulary is beginning to come back. He loves music and sounds and often claps his hands to listen for the echo. He can be very affectionate and loves the stimulation he gets when he can play with a caregiver or swing in the playground. But equally stimulating can be the rays of sunshine coming through a window, which will mesmerize him. Shae is a keen observer but he’s also very curious, happy to try opening any door that will give him access to the wider world so that he can explore. This means he needs constant care and attention, which can be exhausting for his parents.

Respite care gives children and youth who have developmental disabilities an opportunity to participate in a wide range of experiences that promote growth and development. Relationships with people outside of the family unit create a sense of belonging in the greater community. The opportunity to experience new activities and environments help build self-confidence. Respite care gives parents a rest so that they can continue to provide the love and care that a child needs.

Access to the Communitas Children's Respite Care program is by referral from Ministry of Children and Family Development. Contact us for more information!

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