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One of the ways that Communitas seeks to give back to the community is to provide resources that are available free of charge. We hope you will find these useful and welcome your feedback!

God of All Comfort

Mental Health Resources for Church Worship

This updated worship resource helps congregations address the stigma around mental illness. God of all Comfort includes a variety of elements that churches can choose from and incorporate into the context of their own service: prayers, readings, a reader’s theatre, song suggestions, ideas for incorporating art in worship, sermon prompts and more. There are also stories from people who live with mental illness and those who support them. Two of those stories are told in video format.

New resources have been added so that church leaders who have used this material before will find fresh material to help keep the conversation going!

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Living with Invisible Illness

Amelia is passionate about sharing about her journey with mental illness because she wants people to know that mental illness does not define people who live with it. “There is hope,” she says. “It may seem dark now but it can get better.”

This video is available in .mov format for offline use. Contact us to request a copy.

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A Journey through Burnout

A few years ago, Leonard ran full steam into the brick wall that is often referred to as “burnout.” At times his journey felt hopeless but today, Leonard is doing well. He has embraced the need to care for himself and shares his story as encouragement for others.

This video is available in .mov format for offline use. Contact us to request a copy.